Urban Decay is recruiting

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Urban Decay is recruiting

Post  Nathanial Raptor on Sat Mar 05, 2011 10:47 am

We have YOU in our crosshairs

Fun based PVP corp

We are currently recruiting

PVP pilots wanting access to Fun & Pew pew

NBSI : Low Sec and 0.0 Systems

Relaxed corp based on a (RL>EVE) attitude

Our leadership team have a combined experience of several years in New Eden. We have a wide skill base and can support most roles in the game.

We are a relaxed and mature group of friends with few rules or demands - only a one for all and all for one code of honour.

Originally formed as a PVE training and support Corp for friends , we have spent time in the Caldari Militia climbing to a Top 10 Killer Corp in the monthly rankings. We then moved successfully into a wormhole to test our pilots again.

We are selectively recruiting pilots looking for no drama pew pew. There are no firm requirements only that you are here for Fun and PVP and can suport yourself income wise.

Our aim is to build a speciallist in Corp small gang fleet of 10-15 pilots to run organised disruption and Lo-sec / Wormhole raiding fleets.

If this sounds like your thing and you are interested in joining EveMail our CEO for an interview or post below.

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